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Caroline Kennedy


Caroline Kennedy

During President John F. Kennedy's state funeral. November 24, 1963

Courtesy United States National Park Service

Dates: November 27, 1957 -

Occupation: writer, lawyer

Known for: images of the young Caroline Kennedy during her father's administration and her father's funeral; writing about legal and constitutional issues; served as member of VP search group for Barack Obama (2008)

Also Known as: Caroline Bouvier Kennedy, Caroline Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, Caroline Schlossberg



  • Radcliffe B.A. 1980
  • Columbia Law School J.D. 1988
  • Sotheby's (art)

Marriage, Children:

  • husband: Edwin Schlossberg (married July 19, 1986; museum exhibit designer)
  • children: Rose Kennedy Schlossberg, born June 25, 1988; Tatiana Celia Kennedy Schlossberg, born May 5, 1990; John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg (Jack), born January 19, 1993

About Caroline Kennedy :

Very much in the public eye during her father's presidency and at her father's funeral in 1963, Caroline Kennedy graduated from Radcliffe with a B.A. in 1980, trained at Sotheby's in art, and graduated from Columbia Law School with a J.D. in 1988. She married Edwin Schlossberg in 1986. They have three children.

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg's 1991 book, In Our Defense: The Bill of Rights in Action, and her 1996 book, The Right to Privacy, were written with Ellen Alderman. She published a collection of some of the favorite poems of her mother, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, in 2001. In 2002, she published a collection of essays which echoed her father's 1957 Profiles in Courage, and in 2003 a collection of patriotic poems, speeches, and songs.

In 2008, she served as a member of the advisory committee suggesting vice presidential nominees for Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

In an early writing assignment, Caroline Kennedy attended Elvis Presley's funeral and wrote about it in Rolling Stone.

More About Caroline Kennedy :

Organizations: John F. Kennedy Library Board, Kennedy Foundation, American Ballet Theater, John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award

Organizations/Religion: Roman Catholic

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