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Women in Aviation

Woman Ascends in a Balloon - 1851

Women have been flying since 1784, when Elisabeth Thible became the first woman to fly -- in a hot air balloon.  Read about some other women pilots who've made history.

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Life Quotes From Famous Women

Life Quotes - part of an extensive collection of quotations by notable women.

Elizabeth Johnson Jr.

Elizabeth Johnson Jr., daughter of Elizabeth Johnson Sr., was one of the first of a group of Andover women to be caught up in the Salem witch accusations of 1692.

Mary Osgood

Mary Osgood was the wife of a well-off farmer in Andover, and was one of a group of women from Andover caught up in the accusations of witchcraft in September, 1692.

Stephen Johnson

Biography of Stephen Johnson, figure in the Salem witch trials of 17th century colonial Massachusetts. He was only 14 when accused; his mother, two sisters, two aunts and two cousins were also on trial.

Elizabeth Johnson Sr.

Elizabeth Johnson Sr. was in the middle of a large extended family of accused witches: three of her children were also accused, as was her sister, two of her sister's children, and the wife of her brother. Could they have been targeted her father, a noted witchcraft skeptic? Or was it that Elizabeth was a single mother, and vulnerable?

Abigail Johnson

Abigail Johnson was a child caught up in witchcraft accusations. Her older sister, mother, two aunts and several cousins and a brother were also accused. Were they targeting her grandfather? Her mother's reputation? Her aunt's and her mother's control of property?

Deliverance Dane

Deliverance Dane was the daughter-in-law of a witchcraft skeptic in Salem, which may have gotten her mixed up in the accusations. Two sisters-in-law and five nieces and nephews as well as many friends were also accused.

Dorothy Faulkner

Biography of Dorothy Faulkner, figure in the Salem witch trials of 17th century colonial Massachusetts.

Abigail (Dane) Faulkner

Biography of Abigail Dane Faulkner, figure in the Salem witch trials of 17th century colonial Massachusetts. She was convicted but execution was suspended because she was pregnant; she survived. The likely motives for accusing her?

Abigail Faulkner Jr.

Abigail Faulkner Jr. was part of an extended family of women (and at least one boy) accused of witchcraft in the Salem Village witchcraft craze of 1692.

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