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Victory Begins at Home - World War II Posters

Promoting Home Front Contributions by Women to Victory Abroad


In World War II, posters promoted the idea that victory begins at home, with sacrifices, effort, and preserving certain goods for the war. This effort was usually directed at women, and these sacrifices and efforts were a key way that women -- who were not recruited into the military in as large numbers as men -- could contribute to the war effort. Here are some of the posters of World War II promoting the home front effort to support victory abroad.
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World War II Home Front Poster - 1942Warning! Our Homes Are in Danger Now!World War II Home Front Poster - 1943Make Yours a Victory Home!World War II Home Front Poster - 1943I'll Carry Mine Too!World War II Home Front Poster - 1943Plant a Victory Garden
World War II home front poster - 1943We'll Have Lots to Eat This Winter, Won't We Mother?World War II Home Front Poster - 1944They Need Food - Plant More BeansWorld War II Home Front Poster - 1941-43Sew for VictoryWorld War II Home Front Poster - Make It DoUse It Up - Wear It Out - Make It Do!
Home Defense Day, Long Island Women, May 3, 1941.Home Defense DayRosie the Riveter PosterRosie the Riveter Poster recruiting civil service typists in World War IIVictory Waits On YOUR Fingers Poster: Get a War JobGet a War Job

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