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Women at Work in Factories

Early in the Industrial Revolution, factories began to hire women. Some resources on women in the factory, industrial conditions, and working women's rights.
  1. Lowell Mill Girls
  2. Rosie the Riveter (10)
  3. Triangle Shirtwaist Fact...
  4. Women and Labor Unions
  5. Women's Work and Labor
  6. Sarah Bagley

Plight of Women's Work
Curriculum on women in the Industrial Revolution in England and Wales: includes testimony to Parliamentary commissions, illustrations, workforce chart.

Sweatshops in America
Well-illustrated site; fails to note the prevalence of women in sweatshops. Don't miss the near-hidden links at the bottom of pages, for more detail.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Life of the Industrial Worker
Nineteenth Century England saw the rise of factory labor. Here, men and women testify before Parliament on working conditions.

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