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Women at Work: Business, Labor, Discrimination Issues

Working women, women in labor unions, issues of women and work.
  1. Affirmative Action
  2. Women Inventors
  3. Employment Discrimination (22)
  4. Women in Business (31)
  5. Factories (20)
  6. Labor Unions (65)
  7. Lowell Mill Girls (14)
  8. Triangle Shirtwaist Fire (12)
  9. Work: 19th Century (11)
  10. Work: General (9)

Specific Bills for Specific Ills
What does "specific bills for specific ills" mean? Do specific bills for specific ills solve discrimination problems better than an Equal Rights Amendment?

Women and Work in Early America
Before the Industrial Revolution, women worked at home and in many trades. The textile mills hired women and children, because they would work for lower pay than men would.

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