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Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria of Great Britain: index to resources on this site and on the Net. Includes links to several 19th century biographies of Victoria.
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Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria, Queen of Great Britain from 1837 to 1901, gave her name to an age.

Children and Grandchildren of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
The children and grandchildren of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert intermarried with other royal houses of Europe, making Victoria the ancestress of so many royals today.

Queen Victoria Quotes
Quotes by Queen Victoria - part of an extensive collection of quotations by notable women.

Queen Victoria Bibliography
A list of books about Queen Victoria, plus some biographies of her famous children and grandchildren. Queen Victoria is one of the most-studied, most-written-about women of history.

Queen Victoria: Eminent Women of the Age
by James Parton. A biography of Victoria published in 1868 and reproduced on this site in full, formatted for the web.

How is Queen Elizabeth II related to Queen Victoria?
How is Queen Elizabeth II related to Queen Victoria? The answer, plus the details of how that answer is derived.

From the official website of British royalty.

Letter from Commissioner Lin
A letter from a high imperial commissioner of China, 1839, to the new Queen of England.

Queen Victoria
From PBS, an extensive site including biography, illlustrations, a political history of her reign, educational resources and even a screensaver and shopping.

Queen Victoria
A biographical sketch from the BBC.

Queen Victoria's Empire
A PBS companion website, including historical sketches of different periods of Queen Victoria's reign (see navigation near top of page) and educational resources -- and even a downloadable screensaver for Mac and Windows.

Un-Victorian Writings
Queen Victoria on pregnancy, children, marriage and men -- some surprising views, expressed in letters.

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