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International Woman Suffrage Timeline

Winning the Vote for Women Around the World


World Woman Suffrage Map 1908

Progress of states and nations with woman suffrage

Courtesy Library of Congress. Original published in Harper's Magazine, April 25, 1908.

When did various nations give all women the right to vote? Many granted suffrage in steps -- some locales gave the vote for local elections first, or some racial or ethnic groups were excluded until later. Often, the right to stand for election and the right to vote were given at separate times. "Full suffrage" means that all groups of women were included, and could both vote and run for any office.

This list was compiled from many online and print resources; I've listed a few references for those who want more information.

Also see the state-by-state timeline and the women's suffrage events timeline.

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1851: Prussian law forbids women from joining political parties or attending meetings where politics is discussed.

1869: Britain grants unmarried women who are householders the right to vote in local elections. (more)

1862/3: Some Swedish women gain voting rights in local elections.


1881: Some Scottish women get the right to vote in local elections.

1893: New Zealand grants equal voting rights to women.

1894: The United Kingdom expands women's voting rights to married women in local but not national elections. (more)

1895: South Australian women gain voting rights. (more)

1899: Western Australian women were granted voting rights. (more)


1901: Women in Australia get the vote, with some restrictions. (more)

1902: Women in New South Wales get the vote. (more)

1902: Australia grants more voting rights to women.

1906: Finland adopts woman suffrage.

1907: Women in Norway are permitted to stand for election.

1908: Women in Denmark some women granted local voting rights.

1908: Victoria, Australia, grants women voting rights. (more)

1909: Sweden grants vote in municipal elections to all women.


1913: Norway adopts full woman suffrage. (more)

1915: Women get the vote in Denmark and Iceland. (more)

1916: Canadian women in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan get the vote.

1917: When the Russian Czar is toppled, the Provisional Government grants universal suffrage with equality for women; later the new Soviet Russian constitution includes full suffrage to women.

1917: Women in the Netherlands are granted the right to stand for election.

1918: The United Kingdom gives a full vote to some women -- over 30, with property qualifications or a UK university degree -- and to all men age 21 and older.

1918: Canada gives women the vote in most provinces by federal law. Quebec is not included. Native women were not included.

1918: Germany grants women the vote.

1918: Austria adopts woman suffrage.

1918: Women given full suffrage in Latvia, Poland, Estonia, and Latvia.

1918: Russian Federation gives women the right to vote.

1921: Azerbaijan grants woman suffrage. (Sometimes given as 1921 or 1917.)

1918: Women granted limited voting rights in Ireland.

1919: Netherlands gives women the vote.

1919: Woman suffrage is granted in Belarus, Luxembourg and Ukraine.

1919: Women in Belgium granted right to vote.

1919: New Zealand allows women to stand for election.

1919: Sweden grants suffrage with some restrictions.


1920: On August 26, a constitutional amendment is adopted when the state of Tennessee ratifies it, granting full woman suffrage in all states of the United States. (For more on woman suffrage state-by-state, see the American Woman Suffrage Timeline.)

1920: Woman suffrage is granted in Albania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

1920: Canadian women get the right to stand for election (but not for all offices - see 1929 below).

1921: Sweden gives women voting rights with some restrictions.

1921: Armenia grants woman suffrage.

1921: Lithuania grants woman suffrage.

1921: Belgium grants women the right to stand for election.

1922: Irish Free State, separating from the UK, gives equal voting rights to women.

1922: Burma grants women voting rights.

1924: Mongolia, Saint Lucia and Tajikistan give suffrage to women.

1924: Kazakstan gives limited voting rights to women.

1925: Italy grants limited voting rights to women.

1927: Turkmenistan grants woman suffrage.

1928: The United Kingdom grants full equal voting rights to women.

1928: Guyana grants woman suffrage.

1928: Ireland (as part of the UK) expands women's suffrage rights.

1929: Ecuador grants suffrage, Romania grants limited suffrage.

1929: Women found to be "persons" in Canada and therefore able to become members of the Senate.

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