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Lucy Stone Facts

Women's Rights Activist


Lucy Stone, circa 1860s

Lucy Stone, circa 1860s

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More About Lucy Stone:

About Lucy Stone:

Lucy Stone is known to women's history not only as one of the most important workers for suffrage and other women's rights in the 19th century and as a prominent abolitionist, but also as the first woman to keep her own name after marriage. More: Lucy Stone Biography: A Soul As Free As the Air

Lucy Stone Facts:

Known for: keeping her own name after marriage; anti-slavery and woman suffrage activism
Occupation: reformer, lecturer, editor, women's rights advocate, abolitionist
Dates: August 13, 1818 - October 18, 1893


  • Father: Francis Stone, farmer
  • Mother: Hannah (Matthews) Stone
  • husband: Henry Blackwell (married May 1, 1855; reformer, editor)
  • daughter: Alice Stone Blackwell (September 14, 1857 - March 15, 1950; reformer, editor)


  • various learning and teaching positions
  • Oberlin College: graduated August 1847


American Equal Rights Association, American Woman Suffrage Association


Unitarian (originally Congregationalist)

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