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Sappho of Lesbos Picture Gallery

Images of the Poet Sappho in Art and History


The poet, Sappho of Lesbos, is known today through a few fragments of her poetry that survive in quotes by others, and through her image in art. Explore some of those images by clicking on the images below and on the following page:
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Bust from ancient GreeceSappho EphesianAthens, about 450 BCESapphoAthenian depiction of Sappho and Alcaeus, about 450 B.C.E.Sappho and AlcaeusSappho Statue, Head of a Woman, Silanion, Glyptothek, MunichHead of a Woman
Vase, about 440-430 B.C.E., from the Polygnotos workshop, AthensSappho ReadingImage from Pompeii, about 60 C.E., assumed to depict SapphoSapphoBust of SapphoSappho(no date)Statue of Sappho
Woodcut, Boccaccio, De Cleris Mulieribus, 1473SapphoJohann Heinrich von Dannecker (1758-1841), about 1800Sappho StatueJacques-Louis David, 1809Sappho and PhaonHonoré Daumier, 1842Death of Sappho

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