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Sacagawea - often spelled Sacajawea - Shoshone Indian woman who served as a guide to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Her image graces the new U.S. golden dollar coin.
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Sacagawea (Sacajawea)
The real history of Sacagawea (Sacajawea), guide on the Lewis and Clark expedition. The Shoshone Indian woman now on the U.S. dollar coin is often considered responsible for the success of the explorers in reaching their destination peacefully.

Biography of Sakajawea from Danuta Bois
Short biography with bibliography.

Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail
Follow the path of Sacagawea and her fellow explorers.

PBS: Sacagawea
From the PBS American Masters series, a biography of Lewis and Clark guide Sacagawea. Includes a discussion on why her name should be spelled with a "g" and not a "j" (Sacajawea). Site includes information on the Ken Burns film, "Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery."

Sacajawea State Park
Near Ainsworth, Washington, on the Snake River. Part of the Washington State Park system.

Short biography with bibliography, from Danuta Bois.

The Golden Dollar Coin
The US Mint's official website for the golden dollar coin featuring Sacagawea. Includes story of Sacagawea, more.

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