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Female Physicians: Women Doctors

Women doctors: women physicians and women's medical education - the role of women in medicine.
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  2. Elizabeth Blackwell

Agnodice - Woman Doctor of Classical Greece
A profile of Agnodice, gynecologist in Athens in the 4th century BCE.

Tenley Albright
Tenley Albright became an Olympic gold figure skater, despite contracting polio as a child.

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
Sister of suffrage activist Millicent Garrett Fawcett, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson was the first woman physician in Great Britain. She overcame much opposition to win her license.

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson - 1911 Biography
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson was a pioneer female physician who practiced in London. This biographical sketch was published in 1911.

Virginia Apgar
Virginia Apgar biography: profile of the woman who pioneered in newborn health.

Emily Blackwell
She followed her sister Elizabeth into the medical field, also experiencing discrimination. After she and Elizabeth founded a hospital and medical college, Emily took charge of them when Elizabeth moved back to England.

Anna Howard Shaw Quotes
Quotations from Anna Howard Shaw, a physician and minister who was also a prominent woman suffrage activist.

Trota or Trotula
Profile of Trotula or Trota, a medieval woman physician whose texts on gynecology and obstetrics were widely used for several hundred years in Europe.

Dr. Mary E. Walker
About Dr. Mary E. Walker: Known for her unconventional dress - she often wore trousers and a man's coat - this pioneer physician worked for the Union Army as a nurse and spy while she waited for an official commission as a surgeon.

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