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Peace and Pacifism - Women's Roles

Women have played a key role in the 19th and 20th century peace movements in America and internationally. Peace activism by women and women's organizations.
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Spanish-American War

Women Nobel Peace Prize Winners
Women Nobel Peace Laureates are fewer in number than men who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, even though it may have been a woman's peace activism which inspired Alfred Nobel to create the award. In recent decades, the percentage of women among the winners has increased.

About Jane Addams
Jane Addams, a founder of Chicago's settlement house, Hull House, was also an advocate of peace, and won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work. Biography includes links to more details about her pacifism, anti-militarism, anti-imperialism and peace work.

Emily Greene Balch
Emily Balch, an economics and sociology professor at Wellesley College, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1946 after years of peace activism.

Sarah Norcliffe Cleghorn
Sarah Norcliffe Cleghorn was a 20th century woman poet from Vermont whose poems often highlighted social injustices.

Judy Collins
Singer songwriter, part of the 1960s folk revival, Judy Collins is still singing at the beginning of the 21st century. Biography plus a guide to more resources. She testified in the Chicago 7 Conspiracy Trial in Chicago, singing "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?"

Jeannette Rankin
Jeannette Rankin biography: the first woman elected to Congress, a feminist and pacifist.

Julia Ward Howe: Beyond the Battle Hymn of the Republic
This section of a larger biography of Julia Ward Howe is about her activities, after the Civil War had ended, and in the wake of the popularity of her war song, "Battle Hymn of the Republic," to refocus the nation on keeping peace rather than making war.

Jody Williams
A profile of Jody Williams, Nobel Peace laureate and peace activist who worked to ban landmines.

Jane Fonda and POWs
If you've seen the email about Jane Fonda and three Vietnam-era POWs, read this fact-check of the emails before passing it along.

Feminist Resistance to War and Violence in Serbia
A recent war, the war in Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia resulted in terrible violence, much of which targeted women with rape, torture and death. Lepa Mladjenovic and Donna M. Hughes give a feminist perspective on war resistance in the midst of that horror.

Peacemakers? Peacekeepers? - Northern Ireland 1969-1995
An article by Valerie Morgan on the role of women in the Northern Ireland peace process and the conflict in Northern Ireland.

Universal Peace Union
Lucretia Mott was among the founders of this organization after the Civil War, working to remove causes of war. At least half the members were women.

Women for Peace
One of a series of essays on "The Way to Peace" by Sanderson Beck, this one focuses on women and the peace movement, Lucretia Mott through the present. "Feminism has enabled women to take their rightful place in the anti-nuclear movement..."

Women and Peace - Syllabus
A syllabus by Wendy Chmielewski, 1997, on women and peace. Format: PDF.

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