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Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale biographies, common questions about Florence Nightingale, information on nurses and nursing, bibliographies about Florence Nightingale, and other information on Florence Nightingale, the "Lady with the Lamp." Florence Nightingale made history with her nursing work in the Crimean War and helped shake up the field of medicine. Florence Nightingale's opinions on women physicians and her invention of the pie chart are included.
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Florence Nightingale
A profile of Florence Nightingale, founder of the modern profession of nursing.

Florence Nightingale Quotations
A few choice quotations from Florence Nightingale, the Lady with the Lamp.

Florence Nightingale Bibliography
A bibliography of Florence Nightingale biographies and related texts.

About Florence Nightingale (1864)
A short excerpt about the contribution of Florence Nightingale, from the perspective of an American writing in 1864.

Florence Nightingale on Women's Rights
An excerpt from Florence Nightingale's writing, as she addresses the issue of women's rights.

Florence Nightingale
Famous Healer Profile by About's Guide to Holistic Healing.

Florence Nightingale
You probably know Florence Nightingale as founder of the modern nursing profession. Did you know she was also a pioneer statistician, inventing the pie chart?

Frequently Asked Questions
The author of a book on Nightingale answers some of the common questions about her life, disability and work.

Nightingale Letters at the Clendening Library
A few samples of Florence Nightingale's immense correspondence; site has a graphic reproduction of the actual letters plus a text transcription.

"Rural Hygiene"
One of Nightingale's writings, documenting her scientific and moral approach to health issues.

Tribute by Country Joe McDonald
A creative and interesting site, with good resources on Nightingale. (McDonald got interested in Nightingale through working with nurses from the Vietnam War.)

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