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Mother Jones - Labor Agitator

Mother Jones (Mary Harris Jones) has been called the most dangerous woman in America. Taking up labor union agitation when she was sixty by her reckoning, she continued her activism into her nineties, working for the United Mine Workers, against child labor and in struggles including in Illinois, West Virginia and Colorado.

Mother Jones
A biography of Mother Jones

Mother Jones Image Gallery
Pictures of Mother Jones (Mary Harris Jones), labor leader and activist.

Autobiography of Mother Jones
An online etext edition of Mother Jones' own account of her life. Often polemical, with exaggerations and omissions (her husband's first name, for instance, never appears), it's still a very useful document for understanding the life and appeal of this labor movement heroine.

Mother Jones - Most Dangerous Woman in America
Your Women's History Guide reviews Elliott Gorn's 2001 biography of Mother Jones, which fills in many of the gaps and corrects many of the exaggerations and errors of her own Autobiography.

Mother Jones - Most Dangerous Woman in America - Intro
Reprinted with permission: Elliott Gorn's introduction to his 2001 biography of Mother Jones, explaining how Mary Harris Jones, widow and dressmaker, turned herself into one of America's best-known labor radicals.

Photograph 1924: Mother Jones with Pres. and Mrs. Coolidge
Mother Jones in 1924, pictured with President Calvin Coolidge, First Lady Grace Coolidge and Theodore Roosevelt, jr.

Photograph 1924: Mother Jones with President Coolidge
Mother Jones with President Calvin Coolidge, 1924.

Mother Jones Quotes
What are some of the famous and infamous quotes by the woman known as Mother Jones?

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