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Mothering and Motherhood

History of women's role as mother, and the history of the concept of motherhood and mothering. Includes the history of Mother's Day.
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Famous Mothers and Daughters in History
Many women in history found their fame through husbands, fathers, and sons. Because men were more likely to wield power in their influence, it's often through the male relatives that women are remembered. But a few mother-daughter pairs are famous -- and there are even a few families where the grandmother is also famous. I've listed here some...

After Motherhood
Anna Garlin Spencer's 1913 analysis of the role of women in society when their primary traditional role, motherhood, is over.

Collective Mothering
Collective mothering is an alternative method of raising children. Learn why some feminists wanted multiple adults to take on the responsibility of collective mothering.

Baby M - Surrogate Motherhood Decision
Surrogate mother decision: Baby M, born to Mary Beth Whitehead but adopted by her natural parents, Elizabeth and William Stern, was at the center of this controversy over parental rights and surrogacy contracts.

Enlightened Motherhood - Frances E. W. Harper
"Every mother should endeavor to be a true artist." An essay from African American reformer Frances Ellen Watkins Harper on the role of motherhood near the end of the 19th century (1892).

Mother's Day History, Articles, Projects, Celebration
Everything you need to know about Mother's Day, from the history of the Mother's Day celebration and articles about Mother's Day, to recipes and projects for Mother's Day celebrations.

Of Woman Born: Motherhood as Experience and Institution
Adrienne Rich examines pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood from a personal and political perspective.

Mothers and Fathers in America: Looking Backward, Looking Forward
Article by Steven Mintz on the history of fatherhood and motherhood in American life. Includes extensive bibliography.

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