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Memorial Day and Women's History

The roots of Memorial Day in the US lie in the desire of several women to bring the nation back together after the Civil War by honoring the dead of both sides.

Note that for many of the histories listed, the only mention is of the men -- and not the women who inspired and lobbied for their actions.

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Memorial Day History and Women's History
While Veterans' Day in November is to honor all those who served their nation in war, Memorial Day is primarily to honor those who died in military service. Women played a key role in the beginnings of this holiday.

Ladies' Memorial Association
The women on Petersburg, Virginia, inspired the establishment of Memorial Day.

Mrs. Logan Inspired by Memorial Observances
In another step towards a national Memorial Day in the US, Mrs. Logan, wife of General John A. Logan, Commander in Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic (a Union veterans organization), wrote of the origins of Decoration Day or Memorial Day.

Celebrate Memorial Day
About's Home Schooling Guide tells the story of Decoration Day or Memorial Day.

Memorial Day
Darren Smith, Guide to US and Canadian Parks, writes of the history of Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Clip Art
About's Web Clip Art Guide, Bobbie Peachey, includes images of weeping women in her large collection of Memorial Day clip art.

The Origins of Memorial Day
From Kimberly Powell, some history of the custom of honoring those who died in military service.

Why Are Red Poppies Worn on Memorial Day?
Rod Powers, Guide to the U.S. Military, weighs in on the custom of selling and wearing red poppies on Memorial Day.

Memorial Day in New York City
What are some of the special events around the Big Apple for this holiday?

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