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Medieval and Renaissance Women's History

Medieval and Renaissance Women: women's lives, women's roles, gender issues and notable women.
  1. Medieval British Women (27)
  2. Medieval France (25)
  3. Medieval Germany (10)
  4. Medieval Italian Women (14)
  5. Tudor Women (38)
  6. Women Writers - Medieval...
  7. Medieval Queens
  8. Women Warriors - Medieval
  9. Medieval Christianity an...
  10. Women and the Crusades (9)
  11. Women's Fashion - Ancien...
  12. Marriage History - Medieval
  13. Marriage History 1501-1700
  14. Men's Voices on Women - ...
  15. Medieval: Bibliographies (4)
  16. Christine de Pizan
  17. Hildegard of Bingen
  18. Joan of Arc
  19. Lilith Texts

Biographies of Notable Medieval Women
An index to biographies on this site of notable women who lived about 500 through about 1600 -- including the Middle Ages, the European Renaissance and the Tudor period in British history.

Notable Women of Medieval Europe
Before the Renaissance -- when a number of women in Europe wielded influence and power -- women of medieval Europe often came to prominence primarily through their family connections. Through marriage or motherhood, or as their father's heir when there were no male heirs, women occasionally rose above their culturally-restricted roles. And a...

Early English Costume for Women and Girls
What did women wear, from the time of William the Conqueror (1066), in medieval England? Includes color plates and line drawings as well as detailed articles about early English women's fashion.

Women in Medieval and Renaissance Music: Albums
Today, women composers of the medieval and Renaissance periods are becoming better known. Many were women leading religious lives who had the time and education to devote to composition. Here are some picks of music by women composers or with female subjects and performers, selected for diversity and quality.

Women of the 10th Century
A timeline showing notable women of the 10th century. In the middle of the medieval period, a few women contribute their names to the public record. They appear as queens, empresses and consorts of powerful men, or as regents for sons and grandsons -- but occasionally as artists, military leaders, political manipulators and writers.

Beatriz Galindo
Beatriz Galindo biography - profile of a tutor of Queen Isabella, Catherine of Aragon, and Juana the Mad.

Alessandra Giliani - Medieval Scientist
Alessandra Giliani was an early female scientist, known for her work tracing blood vessels.

Magnificent Medieval Women Quiz
A quiz on medieval women and their achievements, from Melissa Snell, About Guide to Medieval History.

Juana La Loca Portraits
Portraits of Joanna of Castile and Aragon, daughter of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon, known as "the Catholic" monarchs. With Joanna's inheritance, Spain's unification was made more real.

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