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Saint Edith


about 901 - 937; feast day July 15

Occupation: nun and abbess, daughter of King Edward the Elder of England

Also Known as: Eadgyth, Edith of Polesworth, Edith of Tamworth

About Saint Edith:

One of perhaps two Ediths who were daughters of King Edward "the Elder" of England, the history of Saint Edith is ambiguous. Attempts to trace her life identify the mother of this Edith (Eadgyth) as Ecgwyn. Saint Edith's brother, Aethelstan, was King of England 924-940.

Edith or Eadgyth was married in 925 to Sigtryggr Gale, King of Dublin and York. Their son Olaf Cuarán Sitricsson also became King of Dublin and York. After her husband's death, she became a nun and, eventually, abbess at Tamworth Abbey in Glocestershire.

Alternatively, Saint Edith may have been a sister of King Edgar "the Peaceful" and therefore an aunt of Edith of Wilton.

After her death in 937 Saint Edith was canonized; her feast day is July 15.


Roman Catholic

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