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Joan of Arc - Images - Pictures

Images of Joan of Arc - pictures of the Maid of Orleans (Jeanne d'Arc) as depicted in art, history, literature and religion.

Joan of Arc Pictures
Joan of Arc pictures: images of Saint Joan, in artist conceptions.

Joan of Arc - Image
From your About.com Guide for Women's History, a 19th century image by Mme. Zoe-Laure de Chatillon.

Joan of Arc Statue
Photo of a statue of Joan of Arc in armor and praying, at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Joan of Arc Burned at the Stake
A 19th century artist's depiction of the burning of Joan of Arc.

Joan of Arc Saved France
The image -- and reputation as a warrior -- of Joan of Arc is used in this World War I poster to encourage women to support the war through the purchase of War Savings Stamps.

Maps of Joan's Journeys
These illustrated pages show locations key to understanding Joan's history.

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