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Hypatia of Alexandria was a mathematical philosopher and astronomer. Hypatia taught at the Neoplatonist school of philosophy in Alexandria. Hypatia was killed by a mob incited by the Christian monk Cyril.
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Hypatia of Alexandria
A biography of Hypatia of Alexandria, the philosopher, mathematician and astronomer who was killed by a mob inflamed by Christian rhetoric, and whose works were destroyed when the Arabs burned the library at Alexandria.

From About Guide to Ancient History, N.S. Gill: Hypatia "was, simply, the last great Alexandrian mathematician and philosopher."

Nick Greene, About.com Guide to Space and Astronomy, writes about Hypatia's role as a scientist.

About.com's Guide to Medieval History summarizes Hypatia.

Decline of Library of Alexandria
An essay, 1991, by Ellen Brundige on the origin, history and final fall of the "Hall of the Muses" and the great library of Alexandria. (Note: links in table of contents were not working when I checked. Just scroll through the article.)

Life of Hypatia by John, Bishop of Nikiu
A classical Christian writer defends her murder.

Life of Hypatia by Socrates Scholasticus
Another primary source about Hypatia and her death.

Life of Hypatia from The Suda
One of the primary sources for details about Hypatia.

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