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Julia Ward Howe

Reformer, clubwoman, writer, poet


Julia Ward Howe, about 1895

Julia Ward Howe, about 1895

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Dates: May 27, 1819 - October 17, 1910

Julia Ward Howe is today best known as the writer of the Battle Hymn of the Republic. She was married to Samuel Gridley Howe, educator of the blind, who was also active in abolitionism and other reforms.

Julia Ward Howe published poetry, plays and travel books, as well as many articles. A Unitarian, she was part of the larger circle of Transcendentalists, though not a core member.

She became active in the women's rights movement later in life, playing a prominent role in several suffrage organizations and in women's clubs.

About Julia Ward Howe

Julia Ward Howe: Beyond the Battle Hymn of the Republic (7 parts - includes more portraits):

More About Julia Ward Howe:


  • Hungry Heart: The Literary Emergence of Julia Ward Howe: Gary Williams. Hardcover, 1999.
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  • Private Woman, Public Person: An Account of the Life of Julia Ward Howe from 1819-1868: Mary H. Grant. 1994.
  • Julia Ward Howe, 1819 to 1910: Laura E. Richards and Maud Howe Elliott. Reprint.
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  • Julia Ward Howe and the Woman Suffrage Movement: Florence H. Hull. Hardcover, Reprint.
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  • Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: A Biography of Julia Ward Howe: Deborah Clifford. Hardcover, 1979.
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  • Secret Six: The True Tale of the Men Who Conspired with John Brown: Edward J. Renehan, jr. Trade Paperback, 1997.
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