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Hatshepsut, Pharaoh of Egypt: resources for research and study. Articles and links compiled by Jone Johnson Lewis, About Women's History Guide.
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A complete guide to Hatshepsut, the woman Pharaoh who ruled Egypt nearly 3500 years ago.

Hatshepsut Picture Gallery
Images of Hatshepsut and her temples, the 18th dynasty ruler of Egypt who was a woman who took on the power of the Pharaoh and appeared as a male in images, before being erased from history by her successor, Thutmose III.

Hatshepsut in History: Lost and Found
A history of how history forget, then remembered, story of Hatshepsut, female pharaoh of Egypt.

Why Did Hatshepsut Become King?
Why did Hatshepsut, the Egyptian ruler, declare herself king of Egypt? Some of her predecessors -- women who ruled Egypt -- did so as a regent or consort of the king. What was different for Hatshepsut's rule?

How Did Hatshepsut Die?
How did Egyptian Pharaoh Hatshepsut die? Did she die of natural causes? If so, of what?

Secrets of Egypt's Lost Queen - Discovery Channel Hatshepsut Documentary
A review from the About.com Women's History Guide, Jone Johnson Lewis, of Discovery Channel's documentary on Egyptian Pharaoh Hatshepsut, Secrets of Egypt's Lost Queen.

A Woman's View of Hatshepsut's History
An interview with Dr. Kara Cooney about the life of Hatshepsut, 18th Dynasty ruler of ancient Egypt who was both woman and pharaoh.

Hatshepsut's Life and Kingship - When Were They?
When did Hatshepsut live and rule? The dates for this woman pharaoh are not that easy to pin down. Here are some of the best guesses.

Hatshepsut Mummy Identified?
Hatshepsut, female ruler of Egypt, was nearly erased from history by her nephew and stepson, Thutmose III. Her mummy was unidentified -- until a June 2007 announcement from Cairo. How was the mummy identified?

Hatshepsut the Wicked Stepmother?
Older stories about Hatshepsut the female pharaoh stress the theory that she was a wicked stepmother who usurped power from the rightful successor, her stepson. What's the verdict?

Woman Power: Women of the Eighteenth Dynasty in Ancient Egypt
Hatshepsut ruled as a pharaoh, but took power initially as a regent for her stepson. She was following in the footsteps of her recent predecessors in becoming a regent.

Hatshepsut's History: The Trouble with Titles
Why didn't the Egyptian female ruler Hatshepsut rule with the title of queen or regent -- why did she take the title of king?

Hatshepsut's Kingship - Demonstrating Its Rightness
After Hatshepsut took power as fully a king, she justified the rightness of her innovative position with inscriptions and images to show that she was a true king.

Hatshepsut and Ancient Egypt's Theology of Kingship
Understanding Egypt's theology of kingship may help explain why Hatshepsut became fully king including taking on male appearance.

Why Did Hatshepsut Stay King?
Even if we understand why Hatshepsut became king when her nephew and stepson, Thutmose III, was younger, why didn't she step aside, or why didn't he seize power, when he was old enough to rule?

Hatshepsut's Tooth?
How a missing molar, found unexpectedly, may have identified a mummy of Hatshepsut, unidentified for almost 3500 years.

Hatshepsut DNA Evidence
A summary of the DNA evidence detailed in the 2007 Discovery documentary, Secrets of Egypt's Lost Queen.

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