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Games, quizzes, and puzzles related to women's history -- crossword puzzles, word searches, quizzes and many more fun activities for individuals or for the classroom.
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Women's History Resources: Writing Haiku
Why not write haiku as a way of focusing on what's interesting or important about women's history?

African American History and Women
Where Black History and Women's History come together ... a quiz on African American women who made history, women in general who influenced African American history, and African Americans who influenced women's history.

First Lady Quiz 1
How well do you know the first ladies of America -- the wives and official hostesses of the US presidents? Take this trivia quiz and find out.

First Lady Quiz 2
Test your knowledge on facts about America's First Ladies in this second quiz on the subject.

Herstory Quiz - Women's History Trivia Quiz
Test your knowledge of women's history with this Herstory Quiz. Try all 26 questions, then find out your score. Don't worry -- we're not keeping any records on how well you do -- it's between you and your computer!

Women's Suffrage Quiz
Test your knowledge of the American woman suffrage movement with this 21-question quiz.

Which Tudor Queen Are You? A Women's History Quiz
A fun way to explore Tudor women's history: take the quiz and find out which Tudor queen is most like you.

Word Search Puzzle
Here's a basic word search puzzle for women's history month. Bonus: when you've solved the puzzle, there's a hidden message in the remaining letters, relevant to women's history month.

Did You Know? American Women, 2003
Where are American women today -- how many are mothers, how many work in the labor force, how many are in the military? How does their education and income measure up to that of men? What percentage of the population consists of women? Test your knowledge of these facts and figures -- and more -- about women in 2003. Or, just page through the quiz to see the answers to see how women stand today.

Civil Rights and Freedoms Crossword Puzzle
Will Shortz of the New York Times has crafted this crossword puzzle focusing on the history of civil rights and freedom in America. Includes a number of clues related to women's history.

Women's History Crossword Puzzle
Will Shortz, New York Times puzzle genius, presents a women's history theme crossword puzzle that you can do online with Java, or print the puzzle and do it with a paper and pencil.

Women's History Haiku
Fun with women's history: haiku about the study of women in history.

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