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France and Women's History

French women in history: ordinary women and notable women.
  1. Marie Antoinette
  2. Olympe de Gouges
  3. Women of Medieval France

Charlotte Corday
Charlotte Corday biography - a biography of Charlotte Corday, figure in the French Revolution

Charlotte Corday
Picture gallery of images of French Revolution figure Charlotte Corday

Madame de Staël
Madame de Stael is known for her salon, for her support of the French Revolution, and for her criticisms of Napoleon Bonaparte.

History of Feminism in France: WWII - 1970s
A basic timeline of key events in early post-war French feminist history, beginning with getting the vote in 1944 and ending with 1970s publication of key books on feminism. Part of a course syllabus project.

La loi sur le divorce (9 octobre 1792)
French document on 18th century French divorce custom and law.

Memoirs of the Private Life of Marie Antoinette, 1818
Excerpt of a first-hand account of Marie Antoinette and her court by Madame Campan.

Salon Life
Paris salons of the eighteenth century, from original sources in translation.

Versailles Etiquette, 1704
Duchess of Orleans, married to the King's brother, writes of court etiquette.

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