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Tara Lipinski


Tara Lipinski at the 1997 US Figure Skating Nationals

Tara Lipinski at the 1997 US Figure Skating Nationals

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born June 10, 1982


1998 gold medal winner in women's individual figure skating at the Winter Olympics. Michelle Kwan, the silver medalist, had been widely expected to take the gold.

Known for:

women's figure skating champion; Olympic gold medal winner; surprise win in the 1998 Winter Olympics; her small size (4'10") and powerful triple jumps

About Tara Lipinski:

Tara Lipinski was born in Philadelphia; began skating in Delaware and New Jersey. The family later moved to Texas. She began roller skating at three, winning many awards by age nine. At seven she took up ice skating.

1989 - first figure skating lessons

1991 - family moved to Sugar Land, Texas

1993 - Tara and her mother returned to Delaware for training

1994 - won a gold medal at the US Olympic Festival and second place at the National Novice level

1995 - second place at US National Junior championships and fourth at the World Junior championships

1996 - third place at National championships, fifth at World Juniors, and fifteenth in the World championships in the senior division

1996 - began training with Richard Callaghan, in Michigan

1997 - won the Ladies' U.S. National Figure Skating Championship, the youungest to win

1997 - also won the world championship in women's figure skating

1997 - published Tara Lipinski: Triumph on Ice: An Autobiography by Tara Lipinski as Told to Emily Costello

1997 - named SportsWoman of the Year by the US Olympic Committee

1998 - came in second to Michelle Kwan for the world championship

1998 - gold medal in women's figure skating at Olympics in Nagano, Japan, the youngest individual athlete to date to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics

April 1998 - turned professional, stating the need to spend more time with her family, which had often been separated for the sake of her training

1998 - first operation on her hip

1998 - published Totally Tara: An Olympic Victory

1998 - republished Tara Lipinski: Triumph on Ice with an update on her Olympic victory

1999 - appeared on daytime television's The Young and the Restless for three months

2002 - second major hip operation

2005 - elected to the US Figure Skating Hall of Fame

After Turning Pro:

After turning pro, Tara Lipinski appeared in such professional roles as the Stars on Ice tour.

She endorsed products, and also worked for a number of charities, especially youth-oriented organizations.

Tara Lipinski has also been quite public about her hip pain, strained through many years of training and performance, and the surgery on her hip in 2000.

She spends time in Sugar Land, Texas, at the home of her parents, and at her own home in Los Angeles, where she pursues an acting career.

Little Known Facts:

Tara Lipiniski and her mother find special inspiration in the life of St. Therese of Lisieux.

Because the USFSA has changed its rules after her 1998 victory, Tara Lipinski will remain the youngest winner.

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