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History of Feminism

A history of feminism.
  1. Feminism and Art
  2. Women's Suffrage
  3. Abortion History
  4. Affirmative Action
  5. Birth Control
  6. Equal Rights Amendment
  7. Laws and Women's Rights
  8. NOW
  9. Social Reform Movements
  10. Feminists (73)
  11. Types of Feminism (8)
  12. 1960s - 1970s Feminism (146)
  13. 1980s - 1990s Feminism (13)
  14. Feminism and Pop Culture (21)
  15. Feminist Texts (51)
  16. Feminist Poetry and Poets (8)

What Is Feminism?
Feminism refers to a diverse variety of beliefs, ideas, movements, and agendas for action. Find a definition, description and history of feminism.

Second Wave Feminism
When many think of the word "feminism" they think first of the feminist movement of the 1960s and 1970s, sometimes called the Second Wave of Feminism. Here you'll find information on many facets of 1960s and 1970s feminism.

Quotes of Feminism
User contributed quotes about feminism, from a wide variety of sources.

Feminist Beliefs in Feminist Books
Feminist beliefs can be as varied and unique as the individual feminists who hold those beliefs. Still, in trying to determine what feminists of the 1960s and 1970s thought about women, society and equality, it can be helpful to look at significant feminist books of the era. In fact, many key second-wave feminist beliefs are also the titles of...

Feminist Theorists
"Feminism" is about equality of the sexes, and activism to achieve such equality for women. Not all feminist theorists have agreed about how to achieve that equality and what equality looks like. Here are some of the key writers on feminist theory, key to understanding what feminism has been all about. I've listed them in chronological order...

Glass Ceiling for Women
What is the glass ceiling for women? Why is it so difficult to crash through?

Feminists struggle against oppression of women. What is oppression, and what makes a society oppressive?

Patriarchal Society
Definition of patriarchal society. What do feminists mean when they refer to a patriarchal society?

Liberal Feminism
What is liberal feminism? Who have been some of its supporters and critics, and what did they have to say?

What do feminists mean by sisterhood? What is the definition of sisterhood in feminism?

Definition of subjectivity as an approach to women's history. Links to more details. Entry in the Encyclopedia of Women's History from Jone Johnson Lewis.

Female Liberation
Female Liberation was a Boston feminist group during the women's liberation movement. Learn about the women's equality issues addressed by Female Liberation.

Specific Bills for Specific Ills
What does "specific bills for specific ills" mean? Do specific bills for specific ills solve discrimination problems better than an Equal Rights Amendment?

Women's Liberation Groups
Women's liberation groups of the 1960s and 1970s fought for equal rights and raised consciousness. They lobbied, protested, developed feminist theory and changed women's lives. Many U.S. women's liberation groups formed spontaneously and were short-lived, gaining national attention through a few bold protests.

Ratification - Feminism Glossary Definition of Ratification
Ratification - Feminism Glossary Definition of Ratification

What Is Feminism and Why Should We Do It?
Feminist theologian Rosemary Radford Ruether defines feminism and the feminist project, especially as it relates to history and patriarchy.

Equal Rights and Responsibilities as American Citizens
How and when would women gain equal rights and responsibilities in American politics? The NOW legal and political rights task force envisioned women's full participation as citizens with equal rights and responsibilities.

Feminism in 1970
A look at the history of feminism in 1970. What were some of the important events of feminism in 1970?

Feminism in 1969 - Important Events of Feminism in 1969
Feminism in 1969 - Important Events of Feminism in 1969

First and Second Wave Feminism
The metaphor of waves for feminism -- especially for the first and second wave -- tries to describe the way that feminism seemed to rise and fall, then rise again.

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