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Historical Fashions: What Women Wore

History of women's fashions, and how fashions have influenced the lives of women in different periods. Historical costumes, essays and more.
  1. Fashion: Ancient-Medieval (16)
  2. Fashion: 18th Century (5)
  3. Fashion: 19th Century (9)
  4. Fashion: 20th Century (23)

Famous Fashion and Beauty Business Executives
Women have been able to succeed in the fashion and beauty business, even when other businesses were largely closed to women. Which of these women do you know?

Early English Costume
A gallery of costume from early English history.

Godey's Lady's Book - Women's Fashions, 1860s Style
Selections of 1860s women's fashions from Godey's Lady's Book, the most popular pre-Civil War women's magazine in America.

Women and Bicycles - Fashion for the Active Woman, 1894 Style
Fashion, exercise and health come together as women adapt to the new contraption, the bicycle.

Women's Fashions of the 17th Century
In the mid-17th century, Wenceslaus Holler published this series of engravings depicting the costume of women in England. These images record a contemporary view of the costume of women, a subject which fascinated the artist. Because these drawings were done from life subjects, they are quite valuable as resources for researching the clothing that women wore in the 17th century.

16th Century Fashion
What did women wear in the 16th century? Portraits of the time can show us some of the high fashions of the era.

You Had to Be There
NY Times Magazine honors women and the millennium with a fashion show covering nearly 1000 years of women's clothing.

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