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Women environmentalists, including Rachel Carson.
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Books on Women Environmentalists: Guide Picks
Women have been visible figures leading the environmentalist movement in many of its aspects. Rachel Carson, Dian Fossey, Jane Goodall are well known for their observations about the natural world and their contributions to saving a world that is safe for people and their primate cousins to live in.

Dian Fossey
Dian Fossey biography: a profile of Dian Fossey, primatologist and pioneer woman scientist. Her studies of mountain gorillas have helped science to better understand ape behavior, and may have preserved the gorillas from extinction.

Margaret Mead
Margaret Mead was an anthropologist and writer. Her work more recently has come under question.

10 Books About Ecofeminism
How to find out more about ecofeminist perspectives: a list of 10 books about ecofeminism.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas
She was a key figure in saving the Florida Everglades, among her environmentalist activities, and she also supported woman suffrage in Florida.

Rosalie Edge
An activist in the conservation movement, her attention to birds and her critique of the Audubon Society earned her this place in the "Ecology Hall of Fame."

Julia "Butterfly" Hill
Her non-violent defense of redwood trees warranted her entry into the "Ecology Hall of Fame." Brief story and image.

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