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Princess Diana Wedding Pictures

Lady Diana Spencer Marries Charles, Prince of Wales, 1981


Millions of people watched the fairy-tale wedding of Lady Diana Spencer to Charles, Prince of Wales. That the marriage later soured only makes the original spectacle more poignant to the many fans of Princess Diana. Enjoy the highlights of that day -- and consider how future royal weddings may match up or not to that day of ceremony and ritual.

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Princess Diana's 1981 wedding dress by Elizabeth Emanuel.Princess Diana Wedding DressWedding cake for Charles and Diana.Princess Diana Wedding CakeLady Diana Spencer and her father.Princess Diana Enters ChurchLady Diana Spencer proceeds down the aisle.Princess Diana's Wedding Procession
Lady Diana Spencer at St Paul's CathedralDiana's Wedding - St. Paul's CathedralPrince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer  with other family members.Diana and Charles Married at St. Paul'sWedding of Charles and Diana, 1981, in St Paul's Cathedral.Prince Charles and Lady Diana WeddingPrince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer after their wedding.Diana and Charles Married
Prince and Princess of Wales leave St Paul's Cathedral.Diana with Charles After WeddingCharles and Diana leave St Paul's Cathedral.Diana and Charles on Their Wedding DayLady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles leave by carriage.Prince Charles Marries Lady Diana SpencerRoyal family on balcony at Buckingham Palace after wedding.Diana and Charles on the Balcony
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