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Women's History Videos


Learn about women's history through the visuals possible in video. This collection is eclectic, and includes different times and places as well as both biographies and documentaries of events and social trends. From a history of the wife and a history of abortion controversy, to biographies of Einstein's first wife, Sally Hemings, and Cleopatra, there's sure to be something to interest any group or individual interested in learning more about women's history.

1. Sally Hemings: Redefining History

A Biography Channel video on the life of Sally Hemings, looking at different perspectives on her importance in the life of Thomas Jefferson.
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2. Einstein's Wife

Einstein's first wife was forgotten by biographers and historians -- until her letters came to public view at the end of the 20th century. In this excellent presentation, we hear her letters, which touch not only on their personal life, but on her contributions to his developing theory of relativity. Viewers are able to come to their own conclusions about Mileva Einstein-Maric and her contributions to an important scientific advance -- and why her role has been neglected or forgotten.
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3. Medieval Heroines in History and Legend

This is a full course on an interesting topic in women's history, taught by Professor Bonnie Wheeler, director of the Medieval Studies Program at Southern Methodist University and six-time recipient of SMU's Outstanding Teacher Award. Watch the site for sales, as this course is sold at a lower cost periodically.

4. Anne Frank Remembered

This biographical profile of Anne Frank includes an interview with Miep Gies, who helped the hidden Frank family at risk to her own life and safety, and Hanneli Goslar, who was a friend of Anne's at camp.
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5. Wives of Henry VIII

A mini-series exploration of the six women who married King Henry VIII of England, based on a popular book that attempted to understand each woman from her own perspective. Total time is 3 hours 18 minutes.
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6. Cleopatra: Destiny's Queen

Video tries to bring the real Pharaoh, Cleopatra, to life, through looking at ancient art objects and interviewing leading Egyptologists. Interesting to compare to any of the film and television versions of Cleopatra's life.
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