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Civil War Nurses

Women played a major role in nursing and sanitation efforts during the Civil War, paving the way for their entry into the nursing profession in greater numbers after the war, as well as paving the way for further professionalization of the nursing field.
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Civil War Nurses: Requirements for Women in the Nursing Service
Document written by Dorothea Dix to lay out the requirements for women who would work in the nursing service for the Union Army during the American Civil War.

A Nurse's Perspective on the Civil War
Sarah Emma Edmonds was a Civil War nurse, soldier (disguised as Frank Thompson), and spy. In this excerpt from her memoir, she recounts her experiences at the Battle of Bull Run (also known as First Manassas), July 21, 1861, the events leading up to the battle and her exploits after the battle, returning to Washington, DC.

Sanitary Commission (USSC)
A profile of the United States Sanitary Commission, founded in 1861, which helped promote health in the Union Army Camps, provide supplies, and raise money for the Union effort.

Sisters in the Civil War
An essay on the role of religious orders in Civil War medicine. Graphic reproduction of a typewritten essay.

Dorothea Dix Quotes
Quotes by Dorothea Dix, social reformer who was a nurse during the Civil War.

Virginia Minor
Part of Civil War relief efforts in St. Louis, Missouri, Virginia Minor went on to support women's rights through winning the vote for women.

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