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British Women's History

British women's history: notable women. Biographies and other information on individual English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish women in history.
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Women Rulers of England and Great Britain
Some of the best-known and most culturally-influential rulers in English and British history have been women. Because of primogeniture, few women claimed the throne, but a few did rule in their own right.

Early English Costume: Women/Girls
What did women wear, from the time of William the Conqueror (1066)? Includes color plates and line drawings as well as detailed articles about historical English fashion.

Royal Weddings
These pictures of British royal weddings show some of the changes and traditions over the years from Victoria onwards.

Catherine and William Royal Wedding Picture Gallery
Royal wedding 2011: Catherine Middleton married Britain's Prince William.

English Laws for Women, 19th Century
Caroline Norton (1808-1877) wrote this critique of then-current law and the legal status of women.

Knox, John: First Blast of the Trumpet
"Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women." Writing in 1558, Knox grounds male superiority in Scripture and human nature.

London During the Nineteenth Century
"Woman, Economic Instability and Poverty," a study by AnnMarie Huysman (1998), exploring the relationship between gender and poverty.

"O Chyldren! geue eare your duties to learne"
Subtitle: "The education of upper-class Englishwomen in late medieval and early modern England." A bibliography compiled by Sharon Deborah Michalove.

Radical Women in the English Revolution
Seventeenth century original source documents providing evidence of women's influence.

Women at War
Article by Peter Caddick-Adams details the role of British women in World Wars One and Two: the roles women served in, why they were excluded from combat, how World War One provided new opportunities and how the participation of women was essential in World War II.

Women Miners in the English Coal Pits
An 1842 Parliamentary Paper describing women's work in the coal mines of Yorkshire. Includes testimony of two women miners.

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