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Images of Women in Art

How women are portrayed in art tells much about the status and roles of women in society.
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Women's History Pictures
An index to images of women's history in pictures: images from history, art and popular culture.

In the New Testament she's famous for asking for the head of St. John the Baptist -- and she's also been a favorite subject for artists, her depiction reflecting the fantasies of each time. Find a brief biography of Salome with notes about many of the depictions in art -- with links.

Images of Women in Ancient Art
Chris Witcombe, Professor of Art History, Sweet Briar College in Virginia, has compiled a collection useful for academic study or just browsing for your own information. Goddesses and other female images from prehistory, Egypt, Greece, Palestine, and the Aegean are included.

Self-Portraits and Representations of Womanhood
Images from art of the medieval period forward, showing how women have represented women in art.

Through Women's Eyes, Finally
For most of history, male artists have defined the female image -- today, women artists are defining the image of women.

Annie Liebovitz: Women
A summary of the photography exhibit focusing on images of women, by Annie Liebovitz who is herself one of the most famous and accomplished women photographers.

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