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Corazon Aquino

Widow of Philippine political leader Benigno Aquino, "Cory" Aquino ran for the office of President and won.

Corazon Aquino Quotes
Quotes by Corazon Aquino, collected by Jone Johnson Lewis.

Aquino, Corazon
A short biography of Corazon Aquino with pronunciation of her name.

Aquino, Corazon, Caricature
Caricature of Corazon Aquino. Includes contact information for reprint permission.

Cory Aquino -- the Mother of Democracy in the Philippines
Article in honor of Corazon Aquino at her death highlights the role that she played in the People Power revolution in the Philippines.

Corazon Aquino
Biography from the Women's International Center, with portrait.

Corazon Aquino
Part of a TIMEAsia feature on "the most influential Asians of the century." Emphasizes her role in the "People Power revolution" and her achievements as President.

Profile of Corazon Conjuangco Aquino
Basic background information on the Philippines and its first woman president. Includes map, demographic information, and a brief biography.

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