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Ancient Women's History

Issues in women's history in ancient and classical times: Egypt, Greece, Rome, Israel, the Near East and more.
  1. Ancient Queens, Empresses, Pharaohs
  2. Women in Ancient Egypt (13)
  3. Women in Ancient Greece (14)
  4. Women in the Ancient Near East (8)
  5. Roman Women (55)
  6. Religion in the Ancient World
  7. Women in Early Christianity
  8. Women Warriors in the Ancient World

Women in Ancient History
Famous women of ancient history, in artists' conceptions throughout the ages.

Ancient Women Rulers
Though most rulers in the ancient (and classical) world were men, some women ruled power and influence. Some ruled in their own name, some wielded power and influence as royal consorts. Here are some of the most powerful women in the ancient world.

Books on Women in Prehistory
The role of women in prehistory is a subject of wide popular interest. Dahlberg's challenge of "man the hunter" as the primary catalyst for human civilization is now classic. Marija Gimbutas' theories of the ancient culture of Old Europe, before the invasion of warlike Indo Europeans, is the foundation for much of the more popular literature. Read these and more skeptical views for perspective.

Posters of Goddesses
Choose from among these posters of goddesses, some from Renaissance art, or art deco, or more modern images.

Biographies of Women: Ancient and Classical World
An ever-expanding list of biographies of notable women in the ancient and classical world. Arranged in alphabetical order.

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