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Top 6 American Girls Pastimes Books


Hands-on history: For each of six eras, there's a cookbook, a crafts book, a theater kit with a play to put on and ideas for staging the play and a set of paper dolls with clothes. Plus, there are boxed sets with all four paperbacks for any one of the characters.

1. Felicity: 1774 Colonial Virginia

Make a pomander ball, cook 18th century foods, dress the Felicity paper doll or stage a play about 18th century Virginia while learning about colonial American and the American Revolution.
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2. Josefina: 1824 Southwest Frontier

Make 15 craft projects including a clay pot, cook New Mexican food, dress a paper Josefina in period clothes or put on a play while learning more about the Hispanic Southwest.
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3. Kirsten: 1854 Pioneer Midwest

Make 16 Scandinavian American and Native American crafts projects, cook or make butter like Kirsten would have done, dress a paper Kirsten in period clothes or put on a play, all while learning about pioneer and Indian life in 19th century Minnesota.
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4. Addy: African American Life During the Civil War

Make craft projects like hooked rugs, cook shortbreads and other foods Addy would have made, dress Addy in period clothes or put on a play about Civil War America, all while learning about Addy's life and world, from slavery to freedom.
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5. Samantha: a Wealthy Orphan in 1904

Learn about life in the new century in a big city, as rich and poor interact. Make silhouettes or May baskets, plan a proper tea party or a Victorian meal, or put on a play about Samantha and her life.
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6. Molly: 1944 World War II American Homefront

Learn about life in 1940s America on the homefront, while making patriotic crafts, cooking 1940s meals or planning a 1940s party, or putting on a play about the homefront in America.
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