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Science and Math: Women in Science, Math and Technology

A history of women in science and technology, including scientists, mathematicians, inventors, and more.
  1. Air & Space (97)
  2. Science/Math General (4)
  3. Anthropologists (10)
  4. Astronomy (11)
  5. Aviation/Pilots
  6. Biology & Life Sciences (18)
  7. Chemistry (23)
  8. Computers & Cyberspace (13)
  9. Environmentalists
  10. Geology and Geography (3)
  11. Inventors (45)
  12. Mathematicians (37)
  13. Medicine & Health
  14. Physics (18)
  15. Space: Astronauts

Famous Women Scientists
British and American polls say that few people can name even one famous woman scientist. Here are some women in the sciences including medicine and mathematics. You may recognize some of these famous women scientists; others may be new to you and worth further exploring.

The Progress of Science
Science is, in this 19th century image, depicted as a woman, even though at the time, women were not easily admitted into science as a professional pursuit.

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