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Emily Post


About Emily Post:

Dates: October 27, 1872 or October 3, 1873 - September 25, 1960

Occupation: writer

Known for: book of etiquette

Also known as: Emily Price

More About Emily Post:

Daughter of a wealthy architect, Emily Price Post wrote her Etiquette to try to bring common sense and flexibility to good manners. She published ten editions of her book and for many years also wrote a syndicated newspaper column and for a time also hosted a radio program.

Before becoming known for her Etiquette book, she also wrote fiction and nonfiction for magazines and wrote several novels.

About Emily Post

  • Categories: etiquette writer
  • Places: United States
  • Period: 20th century

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  • Emily Post's Etiquette - 16th edition, written by Emily Post's great-granddaughter-in-law, takes up such issues as email etiquette never imagined by the original 1922 edition. (compare prices)

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