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Nineteenth Century

Women in the nineteenth century: research the everyday lives of women in the 1800s, from domesticity to slave narratives to fashion.
  1. Queen Victoria
  2. Women's Lives - 19th Cen...
  3. African American Women a...
  4. African American Women A...
  5. Queens and Other Female ...
  6. Women Writers in the 19t...
  7. Women's Work - 19th Century

A Hundred Years Hence
A wish for the next hundred years, written by Fannie Gage

The Other Civil War by Catherine Clinton
The history of women from the time of the American Revolution through the Civil War.

Cult of Domesticity
This Social Studies School Service article has important information on the "cult of domesticity." Format: curriculum guide.

Fuller, Margaret: Woman in the 19th Century
Fuller's overview of women's history, from the mid-19th century perspective.

Women in America
Travelers to America in 1820-1842 describe their observations on women's lives, status and roles.

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