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Primary Sources in Women's History

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On This Site
Documents of Women's History:
A growing library of documents for studying women's history. Speeches, articles, biographies, stories and more.

Poems by Women:
A collection of more than 350 poems by women, arranged by author. Most were written before 1920.

Picture Gallery:
Civil War, Rosie the Riveter, Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, suffrage parade and pickets, home front posters and more: women's history in photographs, posters and other illustrations.

Women's Voices: Quotations by Women:
Looking for an inspiring quote by a woman? Browse through these quotations by more than 250 women.


Etexts and Women's History:
Where to find etexts on women's history on the Net. This is the first article I wrote for the site, and there's even more on the Net since then!

Library Collections:
Library collections of original sources (letters, diaries, papers, etc.) on the topic of women's history. Some sites have online indexes, contact information, hours of availability, and rules for access. A must for the serious scholar.
Search This Site:
If you have an idea of what you're looking for, use the search box on any page of the site to quickly search by keyword.  For instance, look for "Stanton speech" for a speech by Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

What You Can Do
Submit an article, book, review or biography:
You can also submit something in your area of interest or expertise and I'll consider publishing it on this site.

Link to This Site
If you've got a web page or site, and would like to link to this site, you may find this page with banners, search boxes, and text link information useful.


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