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Helen Marot

Dates: June 9, 1865 - June 3, 1940

Occupation: librarian, trade union activist, writer

Known for: 1909-1910 Shirtwaist Strike in New York

Helen Marot, a librarian from a wealthy family in Philadelphia, became active in investigating working conditions, particularly among children and women. She joined the Women's Trade Union League, organized the Bookkeepers, Stenographers and Accountants Union in New York, and organized and led the 1909-1910 Shirtwaist Strike in New York. In 1912, she was part of a commission that investigated the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. From 1913 on, she devoted herself to writing, primarily about the labor movement.

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About Helen Marot

  • Categories: writer, librarian, union organizer, child labor reformer
  • Organizational Affiliations: Women's Trade Union League
  • Places: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New York; United States
  • Period: 20th century


  • Marot, Helen. American Labor Unions. 1914.

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