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Jone Johnson Lewis

Jone Johnson Lewis

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Jone Johnson Lewis is a coach, clergyperson, writer and teacher who has researched women's history around the world and in different eras. Within Women's History, Jone has a special interest in 19th century social reform and religion.


In addition to writing for the About.com Women's History site since 1999, Jone's experience in women's history includes teaching on the topic of women in religious history as an adjunct faculty member at Meadville/Lombard Theological School. Jone brings, as well, her perspective as a participant in many facets of the women's movement since the late 1960s. She has lectured on such topics as "Is There a Feminist Ethics?", "Women's Leadership," "Unitarian and Universalist Women," and "Women of Ethical Culture"; on key women including Julia Ward Howe, Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman, Anna Garlin Spencer, and Lydia Maria Child; and on male feminists Frederick Douglass and T. W. Higginson.

Jone has also served as a faculty member of the Humanist Institute (including focus on women's contributions) and as a training instructor and department director in the private sector (including attention to women's role in the workplace). As a coach, she works with today's women (and men) who work to make a difference in the world.


Jone's B.A. in Management is from Mundelein College's Women in Business program, and her M.Div. is from Meadville/Lombard Theological School, where she had a special interest in studying the history of women in the world's religions and in social reform.

By Jone Johnson Lewis:

In studying women's contributions to history and culture, I have found a rich resource of role models and ideas to give me more hope and some cautionary notes for the future of humanity. I hope you'll join me in exploring women's heritage.  

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