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Abby Morton Diaz


Dates: November 22, 1821 - April 1, 1904

Also known as: Abigail Morton

Abby Morton Diaz was a teacher at Brook Farm (1843-47) and, much later, a founder of the Women's Educational and Industrial Union of Boston. She was an organizer in the Woman's Clubs movement. Diaz was among the 19th century anti-vivisection activists. She was also among the early organizers of the movement sometimes called New Thought which organized as the Metaphysical Club of Boston. Her religious association was Unitarian.

Abby Morton Diaz was also known as a writer on a variety of topics, including women's rights and children's stories. Her writings appeared in The Atlantic Monthly and New England Magazine and other publications. Diaz also widely lectured on women's rights including woman suffrage.

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About Abby Morton Diaz

  • Categories: reformer, author, children's writer
  • Organizational Affiliations: WTUL, Brook Farm, WEIU
  • Places: United States
  • Period: 19th century

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