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Women Writers: Medieval and Renaissance

Women writers in the medieval and Renaissance periods.
  1. Hildegard of Bingen
  2. Christine de Pizan (11)
  3. Medieval & Renaissance Wome
  4. Murasaki (10)

Medieval Women Writers
Around the world, a few women came to public attention as writers during the period from the sixth through fourteenth centuries. Here are many of them, listed in chronological order. Some names may be familiar, but you're likely to find some you didn't know before.

Anna Comnena
Her mother was Irene Ducas, and her father was the Emperor Alexius I Comnenus of Byzantium. After her father's death, she documented his life and reign in a 15-volume history written in Greek, which also included information on medicine, astronomy, and accomplished women of Byzantium.

Hrotsvitha von Gandersheim
First known woman dramatist, Hrotsvitha von Gandersheim also wrote poems and chronicles.

Biography of medieval religious writer Hrosvitha, a German nun, from a 1911 encyclopedia.

Marguerite of Navarre - Margaret of Navarre - Marguerite of Angoulême
A biography of Marguerite of Navarre, Renaissance woman writer.

Michitsuna no haha
She wrote a diary about court life and is known as a poet.

Early Women Writers - Reading Groups on Women's History
Books by early women writers, part of a series of suggested reading lists related to women's history for reading groups.

Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan
Etext of the 1920 translation includes color illustrations and Amy Lowell's introduction, an excellent history of women's writing in Japan.

Medieval German Women Writers (1100-1450)
Biographies of 15 key women writers of the period, by Rebecca L. R. Garber, with comments on sources.

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