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Muna Lee


January 29, 1895 - April 3, 1965
Occupation: writer, poet
Known for: poetry, feminism, Pan-Americanism

Muna Lee Biography:

Muna Lee was an important author, feminist, and Pan-Americanist. Mississippian by birth and Puerto Rican by marriage, she helped shape the literary and social landscapes of the Americas during the early 20th century.

Muna Lee started her writing career as a celebrated lyric poet. As a translator and advocate of Latin American literature, she made major contributions to the modern Pan-American literary tradition

As a feminist leader, Muna Lee made important contributions to the modern women's movement, in particular the struggle for equal rights. She was a founder of the Inter-American Commission of Women. In 1941, she joined the U.S. State Department as an inter-American cultural affairs specialist.

Read More About Muna Lee:

Jonathan Cohen, author/editor. A Pan-American Life: Selected Poetry and Prose of Muna Lee. University of Wisconsin Press: Madison, 2004.
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