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Women in World War II Poster Art

Images of women in the military and on the home front were used for recruitment, to promote secrecy, to raise money for war bonds, and to motivate troops.

World War II Posters - Victory Begins at Home
In World War II, posters promoted the idea that victory begins at home, with sacrifices, effort, and preserving certain goods for the war. Here are some of the posters of World War II promoting the home front effort to support victory abroad.

World War II Posters: Women in the Military
A collection of images showing typical posters used to recruit women into military work during World War II.

Rosie the Riveter and Her Sisters: Picture Gallery
Pictures of women working in production work in factories during World War II, part of the homefront war effort.

Margaret Bourke-White Picture Gallery
Margaret Bourke-White pictures: photographs by Margaret Bourke-White and portraits of Margaret Bourke-White, 20th century photographer. These include some iconic images of the fall of Nazi Germany and of a freed Nazi work camp.

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