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Women and Labor Unions - Trade Union Organizers - Strikes

Women's trade unions, women in unions, the impact of unions on women and women on unions, and key women labor leaders.
  1. Sarah Bagley
  2. Lowell Mill Girls
  3. Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
  4. Linda Chavez-Thompson (5)
  5. Elizabeth Gurley Flynn (4)
  6. Mother Jones (8)
  7. Rose Schneiderman (4)
  8. WTUL (10)

Leonora M. Barry
Leonora M. Barry biography - a profile of Leonora M. Barry, labor organizer and Knights of Labor official.

Women and Work in Early America
Before the Industrial Revolution, women worked at home and in many trades. The textile mills hired women and children, because they would work for lower pay than men would.

Women and Unions - Early Efforts - Lowell Mill Girls Organizer
America's first working women's association to press for better working conditions and pay -- in other words, a union -- was organized in 1844, and Sarah Bagley was the first President.

Women and Unions - Late 19th Century Labor Organizing by and for Women
In the late 19th century, a growing number of groups organized to work for higher wages and better working conditions for women workers.

1912 Lawrence Textile Strike
Story of the 1912 Lawrence Textile Strike, sometimes called the Bread and Roses strike, in Lawrence, Massachusetts, key to an IWW victory and winning better wages and working conditions for women.

Women and Unions: Women's Trade Union League
An overview of the Women's Trade Union League - WTUL - and its role in the labor movement and women's history.

Women and Unions: Women's Trade Union League: Beginnings
The early history of the American organization, the Women's Trade Union League, and a mention of the British predecessor.

Women and Unions - Women's Trade Union League Comes of Age
The WTUL participated in major strikes and many of the same individuals helped organize the NAACP.

Women and Unions: Women's Trade Union League: World War I - 1950
After World War I, with increasing opportunities for women at work, the WTUL changed its focus and evolved. Learn about the WTUL's role in the Depression, its connection with First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, and its final end in 1950.

Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union - ACTWU
The Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (ACTWU) was a ground-breaker in organizing women in the workplace.

Dolores Huerta
Dolores Huerta biography - profile of Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers.

Karen Nussbaum Quotes
Quotations from Karen Nussbaum, 9to5 organizer and director of the Women's Bureau of the US Department of Labor under President Clinton.

About Lucy Parsons
A profile of Lucy Parsons, anarchist and socialists who helped found the IWW.

Ellen Gates Starr
Ellen Gates Starr, known as the friend of Jane Addams and co-founder with her of Hull House, became very involved in the labor movement.

Labor Day Parade 1909
A Women's Auxiliary unit's float shows the commitment of the families to the labor movement, and highlights a role that the wives of union members could play, even if they could not work or be members.

WEIU - Women's Educational and Industrial Union
WEIU - an early women's labor organization.

"I Will Kill Frick"
Emma Goldman on the attempt by Alexander Berkman to assassinate the chairman of the Carnegie Steel Company during the 1892 Homestead Strike.

Lucy Parsons: The Life of an Anarchist Labor Organizer
She claimed a background as daughter of a Mexican mother and Creek Indian father. With her husband Albert Parsons, she worked for racial justice for African Americans as well as for anarchist and labor causes. Her husband was executed as one of the defendents in the Haymarket trial, and she continued her work, including helping to found the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW or "Wobblies").

Pathfinder: Women and Labor
Part of a bibliography from the National Archives on women's history resources.

A profile of the organization ILGWU, a key organization in women's history.

La Resistencia
Women organized cigar makers unions in Tampa, Florida.

Frances Willard Meets Elizabeth Rodgers in the 1880s
Frances Willard on her 1880s meeting with Elizabeth Rodgers, Master Workman and head of the Knights of Labor large Chicago District No. 24.

Mary Morton Kimball Kehew
Mary Kehew (Mary Morton Kimball Kehew) was a key figure in women's union organizing in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Sellins, Fanny
Mine Workers' Union organizer who was killed in a strike in 1919. This is a sketch of her life and contributions, short but worth the reading.

Vaughn, Jacqueline B.
A short page honoring the late President of the Chicago Teacher's Union. A woman worth knowing; I wish there were more on her life somewhere on the Net.

Bibliography of Women's Labor History
From the Illinois Labor History Society, a booklist of good sources on this topic. A good beginning for middle school or high school research.

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