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Women and World War II

Women played many different roles in World War II: in the military, at home, in factories, in support services and in concentration camps. Learn more here:
  1. WASP & WWII Aviation (11)
  2. World War II Poster Art (4)
  3. Rosie the Riveter: Women...
  4. Women and Radio in World...
  5. Tokyo Rose (7)
  6. Women and the Holocaust (11)
  7. Canadian Women & WW II (5)
  8. Soviet Women and WW II (3)

Women and World War II
Women and World War II: how women's lives changed during World War II.

World War II Homefront: Women at Home
Women's lives changed during World War II. This article summarizes the changes to women's lives on the homefront.

Women and World War II: Women at Work
One way life changed for many women after World War II was in the workplace. More women went to work, and many worked in jobs previously closed to women.

Women and World War II: Women and the Military
Women served in many positions in the military during World War II. Here are some of the ways women served.

Women and World War II: Women in the Government
During World War II, women in government played important roles, including attending to the morale of constituents.

Women and World War II: Women Celebrities and the War
Celebrities used their star status to entertain troops, raise funds at home, make films promoting patriotism, and generally support the war.

Women and World War II: Opponents
Women filled many roles in World War II, and some served as spies and resistance fighters, or were traitors, or opposed their country's participation in the war.

Women and World War II: Concentration Camps
Gender issues related to the Nazi concentration camps and the Holocaust

Women and World War II: Japanese Relocation Camps in the United States
America forced Japanese who were American residents and citizens into relocation camps during World War II. Here are some thoughts on the gender issues related to these camps.

Women and World War II: Comfort Women
During World War II, comfort women served the Japanese military sexually. While the Japanese government disclaims responsibility, many or most of the women were forced into this service.

Rosie the Riveter and Her Sisters: Picture Gallery
Pictures of women working in production work in factories during World War II, part of the homefront war effort.

World War II Posters - Victory Begins at Home
In World War II, posters promoted the idea that victory begins at home, with sacrifices, effort, and preserving certain goods for the war. Here are some of the posters of World War II promoting the home front effort to support victory abroad.

World War II Posters: Women in the Military
A collection of images showing typical posters used to recruit women into military work during World War II.

Margaret Bourke-White Picture Gallery
Margaret Bourke-White pictures: photographs by Margaret Bourke-White and portraits of Margaret Bourke-White, 20th century photographer. These include some iconic images of the fall of Nazi Germany and of a freed Nazi work camp.

"Tokyo Rose" - Iva Ikuko Toguri D'Aquino
"Tokyo Rose" was a name given by the Allies to many women who broadcast Japanese propaganda to the Allied troops during World War II. One woman was convicted of treason for her broadcasts, but a campaign in the 1970s cast significant doubt on the charges against her.

Army Nurse Corps
From the U.S. Army's web site, a history of the Army Nurse Corps and its contribution to the World War II effort.

Women's Army Corps
Judith A. Bellafaire on the role of women in the army in World War II.

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