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Women and World War I

Women and World War I: women serving in the military, women keeping the home fires burning, and women support workers.
  1. Helen Fairchild (4)

History of a Hello Girl
Michelle Christides tells the history of the "Hello Girls," bilingual switchboard operators who served in World War I in the US Army Signal Corps.

Mobilizing Woman Power
Book by Elizabeth Cady Stanton's daughter Harriot Stanton Blatch on the role of women in World War I.

Thirty Thousand Women Were There
Women served in World War I, primarily as nurses and mostly in the Navy.

Unsung Women: Signal Corps Women
Women of the U.S. Army Signal Corps, three hundred strong, who served as bi-lingual operators to help with operations in France.

With High Hopes: Women Contract Surgeons in World War I
Article from Minerva (Quarterly Report on Women and the Miiitary) on female doctors during World War I.

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