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Women and the Vietnam War

Women who served in Vietnam: nurses and civilian support services.

Jane Fonda and Vietnam POWs: What Are the Facts?
Yes, she went to North Vietnam and denounced the United States presence in Vietnam - but no, she didn't directly turn in POWs and cause their deaths.

Australian Nurses in Vietnam
Honoring 210 Australian women who served as nurses in Vietnam, including one woman who died there.

Black Military Women Overseas During Korea and Vietnam
Article highlights the roles of African American women in the Vietnam and Korean wars, primarily as nurses. Includes a history of the integration of the Women's Armed Services in the 1940s.

Vietnam Women's Memorial Project
A site dedicated to women who served in Vietnam, and to promoting the placement of the Vietnam Women's Memorial as part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the mall in Washington, DC. (Music plays when site loads.)

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